Culture Shed

#CultureShed’s goal was to act as a creative T.A.R.D.I.S. able to move and land next to the unexpected, a light weight structure for a creative project with a familiar feel . This project has given space to artists to experiment, run small  one to one workshops and create performances. Culture Shed was an alternative to traditional Christmas grotto and became a playful artist’s grotto.

The aim for this project was to produce a ‘curiosity’ or temporary landmark which became a destination for spectator-ship and seasonal tourism.  This project started with a blank canvas in the form of a shed and it transformed into a ‘creative grotto’ adding a burst of colour through the winter and complimented the Christmas lights.

This project used the shops from the Blandford street in mind,  and the materials budget was used within the street its self with its eclectic mix of shops and choice on offer.

This project was funded by Sunderland Business Improvement district (B.I.D) and supported by Sunderland Culture through the Great Place Scheme which is funded by Heritage Lottery fund (HLF).

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